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Making Global News Available for the Growth and Development of Exercise is Medicine®
Issue 1 · November 12, 2013

As the Exercise is Medicine® initiative continues to expand throughout the world, the EIM Global Center has created this newsletter to better connect and enhance communication between our EIM regions.  The EIM Global Connect newsletter will be sent out quarterly to highlight recent and upcoming events, new members to the EIM community, and important contributors to the EIM team.  The continued development of this newsletter is intended to highlight the excellent work taking place globally and to allow us to share our materials and lessons learned with each other.

This newsletter is for your benefit - your feedback and participation is welcome and greatly appreciated.

What's Been HappEIMing - Regional Updates
  • Have conducted numerous presentations to health care and health and fitness professionals throughout South Africa (SA)
  • Focus is in growing the EIM SA family and the EIM SA structure and on the first upcoming Health Care and Health & Fitness Professional accreditation courses at the SASMA Congress in October
  • Presented at the Discovery Vitality Summit and The Coca Cola Lite Health and Beverage Institute "Play an Active Role" symposium
  • EIM SA has circulated the first edition of its own newsletter -- see HERE for a copy of their newsletter
  • Focus will shift to the October SASMA conference and courses, including marketing and sponsorship for the courses
  • Upcoming focus will be the conference in Mozambique in March 2014, at which point EIM SA will plan to start the "roll out" in Africa
Latin America
  • June 2013: Conducted Health Care and Health & Fitness Professional accreditation training course at the 3rd Pan American Conference for Obesity (PACO III) in Aruba in June (Aruba)
  • Aug. 26-30: EIM Regional Center Meeting at the Latin American Congress of Internal Medicine (Paraguay)
North America
  • June 2013: Recently published article “Exercise is Medicine” in Canadian Medical Association Journal
    • EIMC articles have also appeared in the national magazine/newsletter of the Canadian Academy of Sport and Exercise Medicine, the Royal College of Chiropractic Sport Sciences (Canada), the Canadian College of Health Leaders, the Canadian Physiotherapy Association, and the national magazine of the Running Room group of stores
  • EIMC is currently focused on the Primary Care Exercise Prescription Project, which includes developing a primary health care provider education workshop, a prescription pad, and joint advocacy statement all centered around EIM key messages
  • EIMC is also currently focused on creating an EIMC exercise and health care professional network that includes EIMC credentialed exercise professionals and health care professionals that pledge to practice in a way that supports the EIMC philosophy
  • Beginning to establish an EIM on Campus initiative across the country
    • Queen’s University has become the first Canadian University to implement EIM on Campus
Southeast Asia
  • Sept. 5-7: EIM Philippines Launch/ KIV Train the trainers EIM course for physicians (Manilla, Philippines)
  • Sept. 14-15: Second EIM Physician Course (Malaysia)
  • Sept. 18-21: International Symposium on Physiology and Exercise Physiology (Jakarta, Indonesia)
    • Sept. 19: EIM Indonesia Launch
    • Sept. 20-21: EIM Training Course
  • Sept. 23-24: EIM Malaysia (MOVE Malaysia) Launch (Malaysia)
  • Sept. 26-28: 13th Asian Federation of Sports Medicine Congress – EIM Symposium (Kuala Lampur, Malaysia)

News from the EIM Global Center
Exercise is Medicine® National Task Force Meeting
The 4th World Congress on Exercise is Medicine® brought together the largest gathering of EIM global members to date for a series of EIM-related meetings and presentations.  More than 25 countries were represented during the EIM National Task Force meeting.  Participants, ranging from EIM Staff, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention personnel, Regional Center Directors and National Task Force Managers, were present at this meeting to discuss the progress and implementation of EIM within their region, national health care systems, and local communities.  Additionally, EIM Latin American took advantage of this opportunity to bring together member countries for further discussion on the advancement of the EIM initiative in their region.  Exercise is Medicine would like to thank all who were able to attend the meeting.  It is because of your hard work and dedication that EIM is successful on a global scale.
Exercise is Medicine®Holds Strategic Planning Session
The Exercise is Medicine®Advisory Board held a strategic planning meeting on Saturday, July 27, 2013 to map out the future direction of the initiative.  Discussions focused on the transitioning of EIM from awareness building and infrastructure development (phase I) to the implementation of the EIM Solution and expanding research and evaluation capacity.  There was discussion and agreement among the advisory board members for the proposed strategy moving forward and several actionable items that were delegated to the members to ensure the success of this strategy.  A summary of key points from this meeting will be available later in the year and the group plans to roll out a number of deliverables from this meeting at the 2014 Exercise is Medicine® 5th World Congress, including a certification program for EIM on Campus and a standardized continuing medical education (CME) training curriculum for health care professionals.
New Version of the Exercise is Medicine®Memorandum of Understanding
In a response to feedback from participating EIM countries, the EIM Global Center has simplified and streamlined the previous version of the EIM Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that is in the final stages of being approved. Over the fall of 2013, the focus will be to work with the EIM Regional Centers and National Task Forces to complete this final step in entering the EIM Network.  A version of the MOU has also been translated into Spanish.
The Exercise is Medicine®Global Internship Program
As part of an effort to provide greater support and assistance to EIM member regional centers, member nations, and standing committees, EIM has begun phasing in a formal internship program.  The first core of interns, Selina Stasi (University of Miami),  Rebecca Klimaszewski (Indiana University), and Jennifer Pesarchick (University of Central Florida), have all been welcomed as part of the EIM family.  This first group of interns are assisting the EIM Staff in the development of this newsletter, development of the EIM on Campus initiative, and assisting in the global expansion of the EIM initiative.  We are extremely fortunate to have recruited such an excellent and hard-working group of individuals!  Hopefully, you’ll be seeing more of them and other global interns in the future!

Global HappEIMings
October 2013 (Wild Coast Sun, South Africa)
Conducting Health Care and Health & Fitness Professional accreditation courses at the South African Sports Medicine Association Congress in October
March 2014 (Mozambique)
EIM Africa roll out campaign
October 18: Vascular 2013 Conference (Montreal, Canada)
EIM speakers to include Steven Blair (Scientific Evidence to Support EIM), Edward Phillips (Building Competency to Deliver EIM), Paul Oh (Clinical Perspectives on EIM),and Jonathon Fowles (EIM Canada: Tools & Resources for the Practitioner)
October 19: Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology (CSEP) Annual Conference (Toronto, Canada)
EIM speakers to include Todd Duhamel (ENCOURAGEing primary care to better support physical activity prescription) and Brian MacIntosh (EIM Canada: What has been done & Where is it going?)
November 8: EIM Canada: Family Medicine Forum (Vancouver, Canada)

EIMportant People - Mark Stoutenberg, Ph.D., MPH
Background/ Education: My original background started as a college football player and coach before I decided that earning my PhD in Exercise Physiology would be the best direction for my career. From there, I began to lean towards impacting health – through physical activity – at a population level. In addition to my work, I am passionate about working in my local community to impact health through community-based health and wellness programs and coaching team-based programs of individuals training for endurance events like a half marathon or triathlon.
Current Position/ Role Within EIM: In addition to my position as a University professor, I work as a Program Officer for EIM. My role in this position is to assist our Executive Vice-President, Adrian Hutber, in the growth and development of our EIM Global Network. We are doing our best to support our current EIM Global partners and assist in the expansion of EIM to new countries and regions of the world. I am also assisting with the standardization of an EIM Continuing Medical Education (CME) training curriculum, as well as an evaluation framework to assess the success of the EIM Solution as it is being implemented.
How Mark Got Involved With EIM: I had wanted to be involved with EIM since its inception. When Adrian offered me a chance to be a part of the team, I jumped at the offer. So far, it has been an eye-opening experience working with teams of individuals as they push forward in introducing EIM into their country.
How Mark's passions coincide with his participation in the EIM Global Network: I have always had a great passion for helping others lead healthier, more active lives. I have found that we need more answers for how to get individuals active. I think EIM has the chance to be an initiative that can really make a profound impact on public health. At one point in time, something as widely accepted as blood pressure was not considered a vital sign and today it is assessed in every medical setting. I think we have a similar opportunity to contribute to our health care systems as we push to institutionalize physical activity as the next vital sign.
Mark's Proudest Moment as a Part of the EIM Global Network: It was extremely exciting for me to see the number of individuals in the EIM Global Network who traveled to Indianapolis to take part in the 2013 ACSM Annual Meeting. We had individuals from Russia, Southeast Asia, Australia – all there to be on hand for Exercise is Medicine® and participate in our planning for the future!
Mark's Vision for the Future of EIM: I am excited to be a part of the EIM campaign. We are now in more than 40 countries and I would love to see us increase that to 60 or more. More so, I am hopeful to see more implementation of the EIM Solution in these countries, in addition to the great awareness and educational training initiatives already taking place.

New MEIMbers
During the International Symposium on Physiology and Exercise Physiology (Jakarta, Indonesia), key leaders from Indonesia met together to form a National Task Force with intention of bringing EIM to Indonesia!

Countries Currently With an EIM Presence
Ghana Kenya South Africa
Czech Republic Portugal Switzerland
Germany Slovakia United Kingdom
Hungary Spain  
Norway Sweden  
Latin America & Caribbean
Argentina Colombia Paraguay
Aruba Costa Rica Uruguay
Brazil Ecuador Venezuela
Chile Mexico  
Middle East
Israel Lebanon United Arab Emirates
Kuwait Turkey  
North America
Canada United States
Southeast Asia
Indonesia Philippines Thailand
Malaysia Singapore  







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